Our Journey


I’m somehow a stronger and better version of myself after losing Nate. My perspective has changed. I’m fully aware of our Heavenly Father’s plan and love for us. It’s still hard, not to break down and cry…I seem to be emotional for two reasons: (1) my broken heart and (2) gratitude to our Father in Heaven for the experience. If Nate could do one thing for me, he’d make sure I had my eyes set on eternity – and his death has helped me get there. A friend told me “Sometimes someone has to leave in order for us to progress”. For whatever reason, Nate was the linchpin for me and our family. He was the central person to making life richer and better. Now we must learn to do things without him. The comfort in all this is that Nate wouldn’t just leave us alone. No, Nate would pitch in, being at the right place and at the right time. He’s going to be there with us every step of the way as we continue to become more Christlike. What more could you ask of an older brother? I’ve got a lot still to learn, and I’m glad that we now have a personal Angel on call, at any moment ❤️❤️ #blessed. Love Krystal.

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