Our Journey


For the last few days I have been in Arizona visiting my parents. Dad is 81 and Mom’s birthday is in 2 days she will be 81. They go there in the winters and live in a mobil home park with many others their age. There is a club house and lots of activities some of which I have had the privilege of attending. Today is Valentine’s Day we got up in the morning and Dad made brownies to take to the club house dinner in the evening. Mom put together 6 gift bags.

We went out to deliver the bags to women they watch over. It is not easy for my Mom to walk and go up stairs but she does it with a smile. Most were not home so we left them on the door step. At our last stop Dad went and rang the door bell and waited, there was no answer so he dropped off the bag. As we drove off Jinny their sweet 98yr old friend who is struggling with back issues called on the phone and said “Come back I just missed you!”

We went back, Mom had made soup for our lunch in the crockpot so Dad ran home and got the soup with crackers, bowls, cups, spoons, valentine napkins, a drink and for the next half hour we sat, ate, visited and laughed, she has such a sense of humor. It was delightful.

As I watched my parents and Jinny I found myself overwhelmed by the strength of these “seasoned” seniors who continue to love, serve and enjoy life when physically they are limited. There is much Joy to be found at any age. Some comes freely from a loving Heavenly Father and some we have to create. Taking time to bring lunch to someone who is shut-in brings JOY to ALL!  Thank you Mom and Dad for your continued example of Doing Good in my life!

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