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It has been almost 2 months since our oldest son Nate passed away. There has not been a day go by that I don’t think about him and tell him I love him. When I am struggling with emotions I ask myself “What would Nate do in this situation?”. Usually the answer is centered around another person – SERVICE. So the answer to my question is “Who can I bring a Dose of Joy to today?”

A few years ago a dear friend and her husband were fighting their own battle with cancer. He had battled for 9 years. She told me “Kris for the first 7 years we were so focused on the word cancer and the negativity associated with that diagnosis that we lost our way.  One day I told my husband I have no joy in my life.”  With that her husband came up with D.O.J. – Doses of Joy.  For the next 2 years, until his passing they looked for Doses of Joy in their lives or created them, then recorded them and put them in a jar.  Life had meaning again, there was hope again, they started to see the tender mercies from the Lord again and found He had been there all along. Life could have Joy amidst trials.

During Nate’s battle with Cancer we too tried to focus on finding those Doses of Joy or created them and even though the outcome was not what we wish we felt the Lord’s support and love. (Nate’s story can be found at cancer.askdavis.com )

This morning Scott and I took breakfast over to his parents home, it was Dad Davis’s 86th birthday yesterday. We ate and visited and the conversation gravitated to reflections of Nate. He would say a birthday deserves a visit or a phone call NOT a text and he always made a point to reached out on our special days. One of Nate’s talents was to make others feel important and loved. Giving of our time is the greatest gift we can give those we love.

“We often fall into the trap of thinking a new car, job promotion, beauty makeover, or fame will make us happy. And often they do—for a time. But it never lasts because wealth, power, beauty, and fame simply don’t bring lasting happiness, as much as we wish they would.

Jesus put it simply: ‘Love one another’ (John 13:34). Make the people in your life a top priority. Spend time together. Talk together. Learn together. Love. Friends and family can pull you up when you are down. Just being with them can give you a sense of comfort and well-being.” – TheChurchofJesusChrist.org

What’s the secret to being happy? True happiness is largely influenced by who you are, how you act, and what you know. Here are some insights into happiness and four ways that can help you find true happiness in life.


Short-term happiness is often influenced by your surroundings and your physical condition, so it’s important to manage the factors that you can, such as getting enough rest, eating well and exercising, and finding satisfaction in work or other activities. But even when faced with conditions beyond your control—like illness, job loss, or the end of a relationship—you can still be content, satisfied, and positive about life. You cannot choose everything that happens to you, but you can choose how you react to your circumstances. – mormon.org

So today I choose to take care of myself and those I love by giving of my time and recognizing the tender mercies the Lord sends my way to help me on this path of mourning and acknowledge or create Doses of Joy each day.

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